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Awakenings Contest

Congratulations to our “Awakenings” contest grand prize winner Marty Coleman! Marty reminds us that it’s often the seemingly small gestures in life that can have the greatest impact. Life is truly about giving and receiving love – may this reminder encourage us all to strive to connect with others in a genuine and meaningful way.

I’d like to extend a heart-felt thanks to everyone who shared a story about one of their personal “aha” moments – so many inspiring stories!

We are grateful for all of our sponsors that generously contributed to the contest – particularly the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center for the 2 night stay in a Presidential Suite. Plus to all the Kensho contributors who donated prizes: The Hard Rock Café, David Houle, Byron Katie, Tim Sanders, Peggy McColl, Marci Shimoff and Mike Michalowicz – thank you so much for your contributions.

We are all in this journey together – now is the time to step up and act as a catalyst for change and awakening in your own life and community!

Here is Marty Coleman’s story – be sure to check out his artwork at www.napkindad.com

My Aha Moment

I started drawing on napkins while I was unemployed and making lunches for my 3 daughters. I would find an interesting quote and illustrate it with a character or funny scene. My goal was to help them think about various ideas and issues they might be going through in middle school and high school.

After many months I felt sort of depressed because it was my main creative outlet, the only artwork I was doing at the time. I had given up my career as a practicing artist to get a ‘real’ job and settle down, provide for my family. But the napkins were of no consequence, silly little nothings that were being thrown away. I felt pretty low about things.

My wife at the time was not happy in the marriage (we later divorced) and took the girls to California to visit her family in the summer. I was not invited. I was home alone on Father’s day when the girls called to tell me they had hid their presents for me around the house. I walked around the house following their hints and found my 2 of my daughter’s presents.

My middle daughter directed me to a bottom drawer in a desk and there I found a napkin she had
drawn for me. It simply said, “Happy Dad’s Day, I love you.” And below it were all the napkins from the entire year! She had saved every one and given them back to me for Father’s Day.

It truly was the best present I ever got, I cried when I found them. She really didn’t, and couldn’t, understand how much it meant to me to have her do that, and to have them still in existence.

My Aha moment was realizing that even in the most small, inconsequential gestures you can have a tremendous impact if you do them with love. I continued to draw the napkins for 4
more years, almost every day, until my youngest graduated from High School.

© 2011 Marty Coleman

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  • Marty Coleman

    WOW, thank you so much Susan and all your staff for choosing my story. I am very happy and humbled by winning this!  I will let you know all about the trip, with pictures and everything! 

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